Website Design Features

WebDesiign will develop a new website that is clean, user-friendly, responsive, and that focuses on search engine optimization to position your online presence. In addition, there are many available design elements that can be implemented on your website in order to fully customize your look.

Custom Header

Create a custom header that contains your menu items and sub-menu items that is consistent across all website pages.

Custom Footer

Create a custom footer that contains location information, social media links, and important navigation on all pages.


Add images to section, pages, and posts that automatically resize based on the device that is viewing the page.


The audio module allows you to embed an audio file and a custom audio player anywhere on your page.


The accordion module allows for  consolidation within a single system. Accordions are very similar to tabs.


The video feature module allows you to embed videos from different source and customize the thumbnail image.

Social Media

The social media feature lets you create icon based links that point to your online social profiles like Facebook and Twitter.

Google Map

The map feature makes it easy to embed custom Google Maps on your page to help people find your location.


The Gallery feature helps to engage users and by creating and organizing galleries anywhere on your website.


Countdown Timer

The Countdown Timer creates a visual timer that counts down to a specific date. Great option for coming soon.

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